The No Salt Spot was created by Emily as an extension of her passion for food and cooking, and requirement to maintain low sodium diet. 

Emily has always been a lover of food and cooking.

Since being diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in 2011, she was required to stick to a no salt, low sodium diet.

Her enthusiasm for food found a new outlet when she found it difficult to find no salt cook books with simple, tasty and interesting recipes.

She then embarked on writing The No Salt Cookbook – a no salt, low sodium cook book for people required to be on a low salt diet or who simply want to be healthier.   Lots of hours were spent in her home kitchen developing the recipes – with many iterations and her husband as the guinea pig.

Emily focusses on using a wide variety of foods to suit different tastes, using herbs and spices for flavour rather than salt. Some of the recipes are Emily’s old favourites, modified to suit a low sodium diet while maintaining taste. 

Emily lives in Sydney with her husband and 3 children.